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Completing 25 years of presence, the Thirteenth edition of the catalogue «HERMES» 2019 continues its publications, always with its innovative form and a new handy size, giving a whole new dimension to philately and showcasing the Greek stamp.

Catalogue HERMES 2019 GREECE
Stamps 1861-2018
and Postal History

ISBN 960-85681-2-9
Colour 640 pp. - 15x21cm
Bilingual (Greek-English)
Special Offer
Code: 210101
Price: 15,00€ 8,00€

Celebrating 25 years presence, the catalogue «HERMES» 2017 for CYPRUS becomes autonomous. With the ambition to further stimulate the philatelic interest and a better promotional of the Cypriot stamp.

Catalogue HERMES 2017 CYPRUS
Stamps 1880-2016
and Postal History

ISBN 960-85681-2-9
Colour 200 pp. - 17x24cm
Bilingual (Greek-English)
Code: 210102 • Price: 8,00€
Out of Print
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