Our involvement with the modern Olympics history and collectibles starts from the decade of 1970. Historically begins with the publications of Thanassis Tarassouleas, a founding member of the International Society of Olympic Historians ISOH. Collectible by organising specialised auctions and sales, covering every possible Olympics memorabilia item.

Postage stamps, philatelic material, commemorative coins, winners and participants medals from the first Olympiad in Athens in 1896 until today.

Olympic torches are available for all games, beginning with that of the Berlin Olympics of 1936.

Photographs, posters, documents, publications, tickets, archival and informational printed material are offered in a wide variety from around the world.

We also provide all kinds of memorabilia, private and official, such as pin badges,
teddy mascots of the games,
jewelry, porcelains, decorative ornaments…

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