Greek coins from the Phoenix, the first releases of the Modern Greek State, the Drachmas to the present day with the introduction of Euro. Circulation coins in exceptional prices, always in relation to their quality and condition.
Official commemorative gold and silver coins issued by the monetary authorities on the occasion of important anniversaries and events.

Circulation and commemorative coins from countries around the world such as Cyprus, France, Austria, Britain, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Australia, Canada, the United States...

Joining the new collectible craze, we offer all the new releases of commemorative circulation coins of the member countries of the euro area. We also offer all the Greek Blisters regular and triptych as well as all issues of the Greek euro coins in brilliant uncirculated condition.

We offer medals military and commemorative from Greece and a variety from all over the world. We specialised in particular on Olympic commemorative coins and medals from 1896 until today.

Full coverage of the modern coin collector with high quality supplies, albums and accessories from the German house SAFE.

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