The Beba Coin Box has been the most proven universal storage system for over 50 years! Constructed of aviation grade polystyrene which makes the Beba Coin Box highly durable.
The Beba easily stores a lot of coins and offers the greatest flexibility with ten different drawer options. Fits up to:
10 drawers (12mm Height)
5 drawers (24mm Height)
3 drawers (36mm Height)
BEBA Box (empty): 326100 • Price: 36,50€
An acrylic glass frame for any Beba Maxi 12mm height drawer that allows them to be easily stacked and securely interlocked to add drawers
as your collection grows.
Frame Size: 300mm×293mm×19mm H
Glass Frame: 326168 • Price: 14,50€

Coin Drawers 12mm Height: 326101 & 326103-326112 • Price: 12,50€
Drawer 24mm Height: 326102 • Price: 14,50€
Collection Drawer 36mm Height: 326190 • Price: 17,50€
Collection Drawers 36mm Height: 326193-326196 • Price: 21,95€

Felt Sets: 326111-326173 • Price: 8,95€
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